Things to Note Down During a Training Session

The first thing you must check is the dog’s behavior to know if they are getting it right. You must never praise a bad action as it will only confuse the pooch. Remember that pets live in the moment. After two minutes, they forget what had happened. That is why you must apply a technique right away to allow the puppy to see the connection between an action and its consequences. Repeated actions reinforce the lessons learned.

Discourage Biting and Nipping

Some people resort to scolding pets when they start biting things. Rather, discourage the action by pretending you are in pain whenever they nip or bite something. Yelling can work well, and you will be amazed at how fast a mouthy canine stops biting. When the verbal cues fail, try to exchange the chew toy with a pat to the leg or hand and they will respond positively.

Say No to Jumping Immediately

Most pups jump up when greeted while older dogs have some naughty behaviors. If they jump in excitement, don’t reprimand but ignore them instead. They should settle down and then you can give positive reinforcement. Avoid at all costs patting dogs when they are in a jump-up position.