Mistakes First Time Dog Owners Make

Many new dog owners find it challenging to care for their newest family pet members. Check out a few mistakes to avoid.

Not Setting the House Rules in Advance

Failure to set rules in advance is a major cause of confusion. Decide on what your canine friend can or cannot do even before you bring him home. Do you want them to sit with you on the couch or bed or should you get them their own chair?

Denying Your Dog a Private Den

Like human beings, dogs love their own space for sleeping. Sometimes, they need time alone in a comfortable place which is fundamental to housetraining. Appreciate the pooch when they are quiet and relaxed. Give them something like a warm water bottle and keep a ticking clock at the sleeping crate to soothe them to sleep. This is more helpful for a new hound that has come from a loud, busy shelter.

Skipping Obedience Lessons

Obedience classes should start as soon as possible to prevent puppies from developing unwanted behavior like aggression. Earlier dog training acts as a preventative measure to solve cropping issues. Be quick to recognize naughty behavior and correct it immediately. Teach the pup discipline, respect, and commands to make integration easier.