Effective Training Tips for a New Dog

It is exciting to bring a new companion home, but it is more important to start training immediately. Not sure how to begin with a puppy or an adult dog? It is advisable to consult a private trainer and take classes and start implementing lessons right away. To be on the right track, note down these hacks.

Find a Perfect Name

Choosing a dog’s name is part of a successful training process. However, some names are known to be more effective in training sessions. Consider a short name with a strong consonant at the end, e.g., ginger, Jasper, and Jack to perk up the ears. But an older dog with a name, there’s no need to change it. If your new furry friend is coming from an abusive environment, you might want to give it a new name for a fresh start and use it consistently. Overall, associate a new identity with pleasant experiences and fun like plays, dinnertime, and treats.

Train Your Pet to Come by Calling Their Name

This is usually the first command and will require you to get to your pup’s level to tell him to come. Use positive reinforcement tips with toys or foods. As the puppy gets older, you’ll appreciate better this command.