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In writing this book, I am thinking of my students.  As I think back over the years, there have been many things that I’ve been asked for help with and from those many things certain common threads have emerged.  Some folks contacted me to avoid problems in the future while others have come to try to undo mistakes of the past and fix the problems that have resulted.  Some have been more experienced than others while some have been victims of bad advice.  In many cases, I find myself thinking I wish they had known/done the “right something” back at a more appropriate time. 

Whether it be a young puppy or an older dog, whether it comes from a breeder or a rescue, in all but a very few instances the new family dog was acquired for companionship and enjoyment.  My goal is to simply help make this happen.

The core message of this book is about building a thoroughly-enjoyable relationship with your dog.  I believe people can accomplish this if they:
1.    Start early - the earlier the better.
2.    Realize what they want.
3.    Understand the nature of their relationship as it is now.
4.    Define what might be missing.
5.    Redefine the relationship to include desired elements.
6.    Begin the training that will make all this possible.
    I believe what is desired in a relationship does not just happen; you take charge and make it happen.

K-9 Timed Event Challenge
-Combining Speed, Accuracy and Obedience

The "TE Challenge" (short for Timed Event), is a pentathlon of exercises that a dog and handler must complete together, as they race against the clock. The degree of difficulty of each series of exercises increases from "Level 1" to "Level 4" and they are modeled after standard obedience exercises. Speed, accuracy and obedience make-up the standard against which each team competes.

Reconnecting Dogs and Owners

Identifying Personality Types
“You can’t tell the Players without a Scorecard”

Each dog and each owner have their own unique personality and social style (how one relates to those around them).  One important question to consider is how best to utilize those traits to best build a great relationship you both can enjoy.