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  • FORTUNATE K9  serving New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.  Julia McDonough is devoted to helping dogs and their owners find success through a combination of time-tested methods and individualized programs.

  • Dog Trainer in Muskegon County Michigan "Balanced Canine Training" Karen Palmer offers in-home canine behavior consultations and private dog obedience training for dogs and owners in West Michigan. We also offer other services to educate the public in canine selection, care, training, safety, and more.

  • Dog Trainer in Boise Idaho "Precision K-9" Paula McCollum is a professional dog trainer and experienced search and rescue dog handler. Her understanding of dog behavior and her ability to use a variety of different training techniques, provides a superior approach to behavior modification and advanced obedience. Paula’s ability to recognize and explain issues between dogs and handlers combined with her positive style of teaching makes successful dog training the norm. She takes pride in being formally educated in training and spending hundreds of hours each year continuing her education as a professional trainer.

  • Dog Trainer in Laurel Maryland "Applewoods Dog Training" Having supervised the training of over 100,000 dogs and their owners in group class settings and over 5,000 owners and their dogs in a private setting since 1975,Margot Woods really believes that most problem dogs are simply bright dogs with no job. Good dogs are the ones who are trained and given jobs. Just remember - you may never be successful in teaching them to do windows, but with direction and recognition for the jobs they do, they will be loving and loyal companions.

  • Dog Trainer in Lincoln Nebraska "Prairie Skies" Jill Morstad offers innovative and learning-based approaches for raising and training dogs and puppies, providing effective discipline, and creating healthier, happier families. Prairie Skies fosters an active and interactive team process between the owners, dog, and trainer. This educational process includes identifying the issues to be addressed, learning and practicing new skills, applying practical techniques and strategies, and utilizing common sense, hands-on approaches.

  • Dog Trainer Serving Northern NJ and the lower Hudson Valley "Dog Results" Steve Kuhn. Dogs are happiest when they have clear rules and direction. They need fair and predictable leaders. They want to know when they succeed. They have the capacity to understand when they've failed and how to reclaim success. They need you to provide that information in a way a dog understands.

  • Rational Dog Training - A canine resource website conceived of and maintained by Eric Lundquist of DogStar Training Systems.

  • Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions - Kim Peters, Bolton Ontario.  Also serving  Nobleton, Palgrave, Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham and surrounding areas.  Services offered: Classes for Puppy, Basic and Advanced. Also offering Private Lessons, Problem solving and Breed Selecting.

  • The Dog Trainer Long Island - Dog Training by Have Leash Will Train. Long Island NY Dog
    Trainer Barry Stewart puppy train, dog obedience training.  Nassau County, Western Suffolk County
     of the classic dog training crate. Please enjoy perusing through our site, and post your
     comments or questions.


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Recipes for Dog Treats

Nutrition/Dog Foods

Traveling with Pets

Veterinary - Health - Emergency Information

MORE Veterinary/Health Web Sites

  • Eyes
    • Veterinary Ophthalmology Information Centre - Information on eye diseases to supplement your knowledge of the various conditions that affect the eyes of domestic pets. 
    • ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) : In addition to information about various eye disorders, you may obtain lists of veterinary ophthamologists at this site.
    • Blind Dogs Connections - Sign up on the Blinddogs Mail List if you're an owner of a newly blinded dog or have been at this for awhile-the purpose of this list is to provide you the support and information you need to help both you and your beloved dog. If your new to this situation-rest assured it does get much better. Most dogs adjust well and lead happy near-normal lives. This page gives instructions for sign-up.
    • Blind Dogs website - for owners of blind or visually impaired dogs
  • Diabetes
    • Pets With Diabetes Discussion List - Another excellent mail list for owners of Diabetic pets. The members of this list have various backgrouds and experiences. Some members have a pet who was recently diagnosed, and others have been caring for a diabetic pet for years. But we have two things in common: we are here to help each other learn and understand about diabetes in our pet, and we are here to be supportive of each other.
    • Diabetes & My Dog - Lots of great information and links and faq's from Judy & "Queenie".

                 Other Veterinary/Health

More Health, Genetics and Related Topics:

Emergency Links:

Dog Poisoning

Other sites of interest!


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