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The following pieces are protected by copyright and are solely for the information of the reader.  No part of any of the following articles can becopied or reproduced without the written permission of the author.

Motivation and Relationship

About Personality Profiling by Roger Hild

Motivation - the Heart of the Matter by Roger Hild

Relationship: The Hidden Motivator  by Chad Mackin

Morale Compasses  by Roger Hild

Charlie's Story - A Follow Up

Training Equipment

A Not So Gentle Leader   by Roger Hild 

Introduction of the E-collar    by Alice Woodyard

Remote Collar Training - A Report  by Roger Hild 

Starting on the Remote Electronic Collar. - By Mary Mazzeri

What Collar Should I Use?   by Roger Hild 

General Training Principles

Behaviorism vs. Intelligent Choice  by Roger Hild

Consumer Beware! (Dog Training Options - An Ethical Perspective)  by Roger Hild

Cults in Dog Training???  by Roger Hild

Plan B - Kill the Dog  by Roger Hild

Until There are None by Roger Hild

Why’d My Dog Do That?  by Roger Hild

Winning Attitudes - Mental Aspects of Training 

            by Roger Hild

Wrong End of the Leash

(or Why Lassie Ain’t Trained Yet) -By Roger Hild



Smart Choices: Socialization, Play and Necessary Control  (revised)  by Roger Hild

Training Approaches and Methods

Advantages of Private Tutoring

Emotionally Loaded Training Problems  by Roger Hild

Fuel that Drives the Behavior  by Roger Hild

In Search of Balance  by Roger Hild

Obedience Training and the Lhasa Apso by Roger Hild

Pet Dog Training Standards: What to Look For  by Roger Hild

Puppy Training Issues  by Roger Hild

Real Training vs. "Operant Conditioning"  by Roger Hild

To Bite or Not to Bite   by Roger Hild 

What's it Really Cost To Train My Dog   by Roger Hild

Who Cares More  by Roger Hild

Yielding  by Dick Russell


New Booklet:  A Dog Owner’s Guide Through the Dog Training Maze


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