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When it comes to helping owners create thoroughly enjoyable relationships with their dogs, none can compare with Roger Hild.  Since 1982, he has been instrumental in helping thousands of owners understand, relate to and train their dogs.  Throughout his training career, his main focus has been the bond that exists between people and their dogs.  Finding ways to improve this relationship has been his longstanding goal.  Roger has a lifelong interest and passion for dogs.

Roger started his training career with Oshawa Obedience Association where he began honing his skills and over thirty years later he is still honing those skills through a variety of educational programs.  He is a founding member of the Canadian
Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.  In 1989, he started “Tsuro Dog Training,” which he owns and operates to this day. Over the years, he and his wife Sue have bred and shown Lhasa Apsos and Samoyeds.  In addition, to working with these breeds, Roger has owned several other breeds which he also worked in competitive obedience.  He has had the privilege of achieving “High in Trial” honors with a variety of breeds including the Samoyed, Lhasa Apso and Australian Shepherd.

Here is what some of his clients have to say:
“I recommend Roger's training classes to all my clients with puppies and young dogs. It builds a better relationship between owner and dog, and hopefully averts any future problems. Roger’s thoughts, and training methods continue to evolve as he has an open mind and is committed to providing his clients with sound training advice and techniques.  Training and dogs are obviously passions for him. This is made clear by his dedication and observing how well the dogs respond to him.” 
- Dr. S. Steele, D.V.M.

“...I have personally attended many of his classes with dogs of mine over the past 10 years. I have also assisted a few of the classes with him. Roger has a unique way of demonstrating and explaining the training technique to clients so that they understand how to accomplish what they want with their dogs. Roger also spends individual time with each client to make sure they are accomplishing their goals and dealing with any special problem areas they may be having with their dogs. Each dog and client is different and Roger deals with this very well. He just seems to know what each dog is going to do next.” - Julie Paulin-Heenan, Enchantment Miniature and Toy Poodles

“Roger possesses an in depth knowledge of not only dogs but of the owner/dog relationship.  I have always been impressed with his ability to assess a problem and devise a method in keeping with the ability of the student.” 

“His method of training ranges from the most basic, helping new dog owners with the skills necessary to have a well mannered household companion, through to training advanced students working at a high level of formal Obedience competition.” 

“As a long-time breeder of Standard Schnauzers I am confident sending my new owners to Tsuro for training with their pets.  Roger is constantly researching and improving his skills as a Dog Trainer, he is a wealth of information and knowledge to the dog owning community.”
- Lori Elvin, Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers
President – Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada

“When Charlie was a year and half, Bozley a three month old Golden Retriever was added to our family. Unfortunately Bozley came with some unpleasant baggage and turned on me. Charlie intervened on several occasions. After this Charlie continued to be the same around those he loved, but I noticed him becoming more reserved and stressed around strangers, both human and canine.”

“Charlie’s veterinarian Dr. Susan Strickland recommended Roger to me. She felt Roger could help me with this change in Charlie. She also felt that working with Roger would help prevent any behavioural problems from developing. I contacted Roger, and have been extremely pleased with the Tsuro Dog Training Method and the results of both his methodology and philosophy towards dogs.” 
- Rene Montgomery, Dog owner

“Since Charlie and Rene have been working with Roger, I have noticed an amazing difference in his personality and behaviour.  Personality wise he is much more loving and affectionate.  He seems more secure and happy with his extended family now.”

“My nine year old daughter can take him for a walk without him pulling her all over the place.  He walks to heel even with the distraction of other kids and dogs.”

“He responds to commands from everyone, who is playing an active role in his life, willingly and instantly.”
- Allison MacDonald


Philosophy behind Roger's Book,
"Perfect Pals - A Practical Approach to a Positively Wonderful
Relationship with Your Dog"

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