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- "Tsuro Dog Training" has been evolving and growing since 1982 having been conceived, developed and refined by Susan and myself.  The idea was for a dynamic approach concerned with how we relate to our canine friends.  In studying the various "how to" techniques, it became clear to me that training is ultimately all about communication.

- Effective communication always involves being clear and conveying all the information necessary in order to be understood.

- Most training approaches include a method to let the dog know what you want (the meaning of the "commands") as well as a means to reinforce correct behaviour and discourage, stop or prevent undesirable behaviour.

"Our approach is a balanced approach built on a foundation of mutual respect. This is accomplished by learning about, understanding, and getting to know each other.

If the dog is to be a part of our world, it becomes our responsibility to teach him the social skills and behavior we expect. If there are to be limits placed on behavior they must be clear and consistent.

 Since the limits are ours and not the dogs, they will be respected if we are respected. Our limits will not be followed simply out of some 'desire to please.' Intelligent dogs rarely want to please people whom they do not respect."


The Tsuro Method

Simply stated, my method is a results based training approach.  It is balanced in that it utilizes lots of praise and positive reinforcement as well as "guidance" and correction.  How much praise and correction we use is based on each dog's temperament and personality.   My method includes these steps: show the dog what you want, help it get there, praise for every success, correct/direct it when necessary, then praise or correct as necessary to maintain success. 

There are many "methods" and a variety of tools currently used in dog training.  In some circles clicker training is currently in vogue - with an ideology of no "aversive" or "negative" feedback to the dog.  This trendy approach says you should focus on and reward the "good stuff" and ignore everything else.  I do not support, practice or believe in this approach because it is so unreliable and ineffective.  You can read a more in-depth article about my thoughts, on this subject, in "Consumer Beware! (Dog Training Options - An Ethical Perspective)"

With our approach, you are a big part of the picture.  You learn about communicating with your dog.  You will get and keep your dogs attention without a clicker and without cruel and punishing techniques.  

Your dog must respect "you" and not simply look to you for a reward.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE AN EFFECTIVE AND PLEASANT RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DOG, whether it is simply as a "companion" or an outstanding obedience candidate.

My goal is to help you obtain a strong sustained relationship, built on mutual trust and respect between you and your dog.

Training dogs is more than a hobby to me -  it is a lifelong interest which I continue to develop and perfect.  I incorporate the best of what I believe are successful training methods and techniques.